Who offer the Best Water Shoes?
BALLOP skin shoes, it is a complex word of “bare foot” & “Gallop” (run) and has a meaning to run outdoor life, not city by bare foot and outdoor skin shoes. The Ballop Skin Shoes are manufacture of innovative technology, trademarks and patented with non-slip design, light weight, SGS Reach Test, KC test report and other test reports to certified it safety and quality. It is the product of South Korea.

In the current shoe industry around the world, ultra-lightweight shoes are leading the trends in footwear with the popularity of walking increasing. These shoes make people feel like they are walking barefoot. Shoe makers are now scrambling to release ultra-light footwear.

BALLOP brands specializing in functional footwear, has released the ultra-lightweight footwear. One pair weights 120 grams on average.

  • Material of leather uppers: 4(Four)-Way Spandex / Polyester 93%+ spandex 7%
  • Bottom outsole : TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) / TPE has very good gripping ability on road surfaces with water.
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large for adults, men, women and children
Where to wear the water shoes?
  • When to taking a walk and desiring a barefoot feeling.
  • When playing marine leisure sports such as swimming, wind-surfing and beach volleyball.
  • As an alternative to indoor slippers or walking shoes, when doing light outdoor activities or when resting feet after rigorous exercise.
  • When performing pilates exercises, belly dancing, yoga, aerobics, weight training and indoor sports.
  • For children who play indoors or outdoors or who do long-distance driving and traveling


  • It feels walking barefoot even though you are wearing socks.
  • Resilience is strong, and ventilation and drying is excellent.
  • The shoes don’t slip off during water activities and sand doesn’t go into the shoes so that these can be used as aqua shoes during summer.
  • Eco-friendly products without bonding process
  • Its material, TPE, has a high very good gripping ability road surfaces with water so they are suitable for wearing in slippery indoor swimming pools and water parks and safe for children as there is no BPA.
  • Its design is a result of collaboration with Choi Bum Suk, fashion design icon in South Korea









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Get a pair of Ballop Skin Shoes to protect your feet during water play!
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